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Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Week in iPhone Pics

I swear sometimes the weeks just fly by! And then other times, they don't. Ha!
This week actually did fly by, which is great because I was more than ready for the weekend!

While I'm soaking up some weekend fun with my family, here's a look back at our week, via iPhone pics:

Monday isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be......or maybe that's just because I have Mondays off? Anywho, our Monday was fun and laid-back.....cute pig-tails, a healthy mommy lunch during naptime, and a toddler who's growing SO fast!

Tuesdays make me understand why people hate Mondays :) It was back to work (for me) and the babysitter's house (for Ellie), so we fancied up E's hair just a bit to make our day a little brighter. Little did I know I'd be caught in a blizzard by the time I got to work! It was all okay.....the snow was so pretty, and it melted within a few hours. Ellie must have had a good day, since she was being a cheese ball in the bath tub.

Wednesdays are always a LONG day for me. Wake up with the toddler, get ready, take her to the babysitter's, go to work, pick her up after work, scramble around to make dinner, put the toddler to bed.......than I pass out on the couch while waiting for Scott to get home. I tried to make the best of it this week and I painted Ellie's nails. She's been asking for it almost every day, so I finally treated her to a little manicure. She's obsessed. Also on Wednesday, I was playing around with my phone and found my new favorite way to record recipes that I like or want to try.....I take a snapshot on my phone of the recipe, whether it's on a website or a blog, etc. Why didn't I think of this sooner?!

More recipes "pinned" on my phone. See? I'm a little obsessed with snapping photos of new recipes.....I saved this one and made it on Friday. It was delicious! And since Thursday is really my Friday, we celebrated with some take-out Teriyaki, Poor Scott had to share with Ellie :) And a sleeping babe is always the best way to top off a Thursday night, right?

Friday began with Ellie's newest book craze, Skippyjon Jones. I'm not gonna lie, I love that little cat/chihuahua just as much as Ellie does! Our day continued with some shopping and lunch at my work with friends, which clearly wore Ellie out......she fell asleep with a sucker in her mouth! That didn't last long though, because once we were home she decided she didn't actually need a nap. Hmmmm. Instead, Elliott danced around in her new bathing suit and stole bites of my Cadbury Egg. I guess there are worse things in life.

So....that was about it! If you took cell phone pics this week, link up with Amy and join the club!


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