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Friday, March 2, 2012

Funny Girl

Girlfriend thinks she's real funny......

I found her like this in the hallway after grocery shopping/pantry re-stocking one day. My first instinct was to help her out, since it looked a little uncomfortable. I soon realized though that she did this herself......on purpose.

I just don't think she realized exactly how funny it was! I watched her walk around like this (yes, she actually walked with two empty soda can boxes on her legs) for quite a while before I helped her get out. It was one of those moments where I seriously couldn't believe that something that funny was actually happening. I'm just glad that I had a camera close enough to grab and snap some pictures before she stopped being funny.

This isn't entirely surprising to me though. Elliott is funnier than I give her credit for. I, being somewhat serious and reserved, think that Ellie actually got some of her daddy's funny gene. She has such a playful personality sometimes, and there are moments where I can tell she's really trying to make us laugh!

She has a "naughty laugh" as I call it.....she grins really big, but won't show her teeth.....her dimples go out of control and she almost spits because she's trying so hard to hold her laugh in. That's the best way I can describe her "naughty laugh". It's pretty cute most of the time. But the other day, she got the best of me! We were in the craft store, sharing a Frappucino. Ellie was in the cart facing me and I gave her a sip. I can't remember what was so funny, but she started to giggle, and then switched to the naughty laugh. I started teasing her, saying "why are you being naughty?", not knowing that she hadn't yet swallowed the drink. Before I had time to block it or duck and cover, Frappucino was being spewed all over my front side! I was in total shock, and then I even started laughing. I tried to compose myself and be a disciplinarian for a second, but it just didn't work. She got me! I still don't know what was so funny in the first place, but after that Ellie and I couldn't stop laughing about her spitting......even if I did have to finish our shopping trip with crusty brown drink splattered on my shirt, pants, and shoes!

Other times, Ellie is funny without even knowing it or trying to be. One night before bed she was sitting on the counter and I was finishing up brushing her teeth. Her tummy gurgled pretty loudly, and we both laughed. I commented that her tummy was growling and she replied, "oooh there's farts on my belly button!"
I lost it. Tears streaming down my face, couldn't catch my breath........and then tried to explain to Scott what just happened. She had no idea what was so funny about what she said, but it's one of those funny moments that I will probably never forget!

The more that Ellie's language develops, the more we hear funny, funny things coming out of her mouth. What makes them even funnier is the innocence behind them. She has started pointing out every little detail, and naming every object/person/color that she sees. I shift back and forth between embarassment and pride when Elliott points to someone in the grocery store and yells frantically "it's Zoe!! Hi Zoe!!" or "Opa!!! I see Opa!!" No, Ellie, that man with the hat and glasses and gray beard isn't your grandpa......And there's nothing like stating the obvious. While crying in the backseat of the car, Ellie will often proclaim through her tears "I CRYYYIIINGGG!!", only to quietly and innocently announce "all done crying" once she has calmed down.

Every day it's something new. I can't get enough of this little girl, and I never want to forget the cute, the innocent, the funny.



Tasha said...

What a hilarious picture!! She is so adorable :)

Christa said...

what a cute little girl you have!

Kiara Buechler said...

Arggh, D has started with the gigling then spitting thing, it is funn...until the milk comes flying out.

I love how self aware they are right now, and blunt!

The soda boxes are hilarious, maybe you can market them as the latest fashion in boots?