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Sunday, April 22, 2012

27 Months

Elliott is 27 months old on this bright, sunshiny day! Would you like to guess where this little family spent the nicest, and probably warmest, day of the year so far?! If you guessed at the movie theater, then you're absolutely right! We've taken Ellie to the movies once before (I think she was almost 2 at the time) and she did pretty well. We also figured that on such a gorgeous day, we would be the only ones in the theater. We were right! Ellie could have been running up and down the aisles if she had wanted to.......but she didn't. She sat silently on her booster seat, popcorn in one hand and daddy's soda in the other. She hardly spoke a word, cracked a smile, or even moved for the entire 90 minutes. The only way we could tell that she was actually enjoying herself was when the movie was over. She cried for "just one more movie, pleeeaaaassssse!!!" 

In spite of the post-movie tantrum we had a nice time as a family. Elliott never ceases to amaze me, either. She's just such a good kid! I absolutely love being around her! (this seems like it should be a given since she is my child, after all. But lately, I just get this overwhelming desire to be around her.)

Anyways, here's this month's video. These are SO difficult to take nowadays. Elliott is a complete chatterbox......until the camera comes out. She'll do almost anything to get away from the video camera. So, I waited until she was strapped into her carseat, and I used my iPhone to get this little snippet. My baby girl, at 27 months, talking and singing away :)

Elliott Erin, I love you more than you will probably ever know! You bring me so much happiness and joy. You are the brightest, most clever little girl, and I love watching you grow up! Although, I do wish that you could stay little forever! Stay sweet, my little love.


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