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Monday, April 1, 2013

Guess Who's Back?

::taps mic:: "Anybody out there?"

I'm not sure if anyone still reads this little blog, but that's okay. I'm back now. I won't make any promises and I won't apologize for neglecting this space.......this space is mine and I don't have to make excuses. I blog because I enjoy it, and when I'm not enjoying it, I take a step back. Lately though, I've been missing it. I miss documenting the details of my life. I miss the community that I find through blogging. I miss reading other blogs and inspiring my own creativity.

So I'm back. I'm thirsty for creativity. I'm dying to share (overshare at times), to read, to write, to document and to connect. Who knows what I'll feel like tomorrow, but for now I'm inspired.

I feel like I'm re-learning to ride a bike. While it's familiar, it's still a little scary and I'm feeling unsteady. But I'll get there. Again. In the meantime, do you want to fill me in? What have I missed out on in the blogosphere?



Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

So glad you're back!!

Kiara Buechler said...

What did you miss? Well, I had a baby ;-)

Glad you are back, I hope you stick around.

Ashley said...

Glad to see your back! I have been slacking over at my blog as well. I cannot wait to see pics of your new little baby!

Ashlea with an a said...

Awesome to have you back! Good for you for taking a step back, looking forward to your new posts :)