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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Where We're At

Since I haven't written a decent post since, well, last summer, I thought I should play catch up. The last time I sat down and wrote and posted pictures, I was pregnant, working part time, holding down the fort with a two year old and an insanely busy, hard-working husband. While much is still the same, much much more has changed!

The same? Still working, still supporting a husband who works so very hard, still loving life........
What's changed? I now have two kids. TWO!! I know that I had months and months to process this before the little guy's arrival, but some days it still hits me. Like a ton of bricks, but in a good way, ya know? Two kids seems like a whole lot more responsibility, a little bit more pressure, a ton more laundry, and so so so much more love. And it is. All of that. Some days I want to pull my hair out, but more days than not I feel so happy, so blessed. I wouldn't trade being a momma for anything else in this world.

So I guess those are two more changes: a three year old (!!!) and a 4 month old. A girl (no longer a toddler) and a roly poly precious baby boy (no longer a squirmy fetus in my belly)! Gosh, so much can change in just a few short months!

There's so many more things that have changed.....some matter, some not so much. Preschool, first haircuts, birthdays, gymnastics, first smiles, new routines, etc. Some will make it to this blog, but most will not. And that's okay.


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