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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Halloween Recap!

Okay, I guess this is more of a "what-she-wore"/"cute-pictures-of-my-kid" post than it is a Wordless Wednesday post, but it'll do!
Ellie wore her cute Skeleton shirt on Halloween, while I worked for a few hours. She then decided to wear my Uggs after I got home. She literally would not take them off! I can't blame her, they're pretty much the most comfortable shoes. Ever.
Then she was being all cute with her water bottle.

And finally we get to the good part: the costume!

Little Raggedy Ann!

The best part about this costume, in my opinion, is the price tag. I spent a whopping $10 on this!
The dress and apron are vintage, I wore them when I was a baby (although not together. The white piece went over a cute red dress back in the day). We already had the black shoes on hand. The only thing that I had to buy were the leg warmers, which I found on Etsy for super cheap!
All that was left to acquire was a yarn wig. I knew that even if I bought one, it would probably be too big, so I wanted to make one. I had a couple balls of red yarn, so I took on the challenge. I started to make the wig by tying yarn to a crocheted beanie. It was a genius idea, in theory. It actually turned out to be quite a mess though, so I was incredibly relieved when my mom took that little project off of my hands. A few days later (with the help of nylons and a sewing machine) my mom showed us the finished was perfect!
I love how the wig is full and big and messy.......SO cute!!

Okay, I really could stare at these pictures all day! (and I just might ;)
Happy Wednesday!!
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Chelsea said...

I just love the Raggedy Ann costume idea! I would've never thought of it, but it's just the cutest!!

Kiara Buechler said...

The wig is amazing, good job grandma! The costume is so adorable!

Barbara said...

How adorable Amanda!!!! She's a doll and I LOVE that it's your old dress!!!!

Jenna said...

oh my gosh.. she is soo adorable. haha so cute! thanks for sharing!

Jenna from