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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

8 Months Old Today

So much has happened this week to remind me that my Elliott is no longer a teeny tiny little baby :( Yes, she's still technically a baby, but gosh, she is growing up quickly!!

On Monday, I saw we had some bananas that were getting just a little too ripe, so I thought, why not give some to Elliott with her lunch? Now, she's eaten all sorts of pureed foods, but finger foods....that was all new territory! I chopped the banana into itsy bitsy little pieces and placed them on the high chair tray. Well, Ellie chowed down as if she's been feeding herself her entire life!! I about cried when I saw her actually pick up those pieces, put them successfully into her mouth, and then chomp her jaw vigorously (as if she had teeth to chew with, psh). While it was a little sad, I'm now excited that there are all new foods for her to try!

Tuesday was another huge milestone day, and this time it really did bring me to tears! Elliott has been "crawling" backwards for quite some time now, and getting up on her hands and toes (quite funny to watch), but the poor girl has been so frustrated because she couldn't move forward. Well, yesterday she finally figured it out!! She actually crawled forward! I did cry, because, well, that's what I do :) She has been trying for so long that I was just so happy for her that she figured it out. I was also a little sad, because she crawled for the very first time only 5 minutes before I had to leave for work! I was so sure that while I was at work, she would be tearing it up at the babysitter's, and I would miss out on all the "newness" of her crawling. Honestly, I got home from work only to find her scooting herself backward again :) I'm glad she's taking her time with this, I want to be there for as many of her firsts as possible, and I think it's great that I can wake up with her tomorrow and crawl around with her on the floor and it will still be "new".

That brings us to today, Wednesday. Today was Elliott's 8 month "birthday"! We celebrate each month by taking a photo (which has gotten progressively more difficult as Ellie becomes more mobile and interested in the things around her), and today was no exception (I believe one month we were a day late, but we faked it that time, haha). I still can't believe that in 4 months she will be an entire year old (trust me, birthday party plans are already in the works)! I'm glad we still have some firsts coming up.....Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. I just love the newness of it all, and really, holidays and traditions are just more fun with kids around!

So here are some pictures of my little one:


8 Months Old!!

She finally has enough hair for a clippie!

This is how you entertain an 8 month old while you try to work out:

Just being cute! She's got her favorite toy, mom's water bottle.

And finally, a little comparison of Elliott at 2, 4, 6, and 8 months!



melissa d. said...

cute! she looks the same just bigger ;)

JonasAxel said...

she is so cute! jonas misses her very much. i think she has the best mommy!