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Monday, November 22, 2010

10 Months

Yep, Elliott is 10 months old today! Sheesh, this year is flying by! I'm sad that my baby is getting to be less and less of a "baby", but I'm having so much fun watching her grow and learn that I don't dwell on it as much as I thought I would! I'm definitely not wishing her babyhood away, but I'm not dreading leaving infancy behind, either. I mean, seeing her accomplish new things, and watching how she changes and becomes an actual person......that's an amazing experience that God has blessed me with! I am truly blessed to be this little girl's mommy, and I've never felt pride like this before. Ever.

So I'll save the tears for her first birthday (which is fast approaching, as I was reminded when Michael turned one on Saturday), and cherish the last couple times where we take pictures like this:

I said "cherish", but really these pictures are getting sooo difficult to take! As you can see, sometimes it takes crazy tricks like a lens cap cover to keep Elliott occupied. And she's all over the place! I'm determined to continue using this chair until she's a year old, because I'm stubborn. This is the chair we started it in, so we must continue using it (even if it's getting slightly dangerous because Ellie tries to jump off the edge.....)

Elliott, at ten months, now has half a tooth (seriously, how long do these things take to show up?!), is crawling, cruising, and standing unassisted. She still has a love/hate relationship with day she loves it, the next day she doesn't. lol. We must research transitioning from formula to milk (this makes my wallet happy!!). These days she's smiling a lot more, and even giggles now and then. Ellie loves clapping her hands and has learned how to give "high-fives". She's still pretty quiet, although she babbles "dada", "mama" (pretty excited about that one!!), and the newest word of the day: "wow"! I woke up this morning hearing "wowowowow" oh the monitor :)

And all I have to say is "wow"! These last ten months have flown by, and they have been such a joy! I love being a mom, and I'll say it again, I'm so blessed to have Elliott as my daughter!


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