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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cold Weather and Christmas Cheer!!

Yes, I'm already writing about Christmas!! Every year, I seem to start thinking about Christmas before others are really ready to do that. This year seems worse than ever! It's like, the second that Halloween was over, Christmas was the next thing on my mind. Maybe that's because I went to Target yesterday and they already had their Christmas merchandise out?! I don't know, but I'm enjoying this feeling anyways :)

I'm excited for Thanksgiving and all that jazz, too, but there's just something about Christmas that gets me so excited! And there's so much to plan for! I wanted to buy Elliott a stocking to match the ones that Scott and I already have, but Scott said that he wants new ones and he would like for them to have our names embroidered on them. It's definitely not too early to be shopping for something like that, right? And, I like to do photo Christmas cards, and those must be done early as well! We had some photos taken a few weeks ago that we will use for our cards (hopefully they turned out, otherwise I'm going to have to get creative real fast), but in the meantime I've been browsing the internet to see which cards I would like to put those lovely photos on :)

The cold weather we've had this last week definitely is not helping this Christmas fever of mine! It's been rainy and stormy, and downright cold! I'm excited for this nice change in weather. Yes I'm crazy, but that's what happens when you've lived in Washington you're whole life ;) Anyways, I felt like the worst mother of the century when I was constantly taking Ellie out wrapped in blankets. Yes, they're convenient, but with her crawling all over and wanting to be miss independent, I figured it was time for an actual coat.

We went to the mall, but I was certain that we wouldn't find the perfect coat for Elliott. I had a very specific idea of what I wanted for her, but I had never actually seen a coat that fit the bill. I hate wearing coats, so I took the requirements I have for coats and applied them to Ellie :) It had to be thin, because bulky is just so uncomfortable! But it also had to be warm, because what's the point of a coat if it's not warm?! Oh, and it also needed to be rain proof (or weather proof, whatever). To this day, all I had seen for baby coats were those puffy things that would never fit into a carseat or stroller, and those just would not do! Would you look at what we found?!
This one is just perfect! And I found it at Baby Gap, of all places (I think I've bought one item from that store, and it was on mega clearance. Most of their stuff is just too pricey). It's really thin, but the body of it is fleece-lined, and I like that it has a removable hood. It's very cute, looking like a pea coat, as well. And the price was right :) I still think it's a pain in the behind to strap her into the carseat wearing it, but I guess we'll get used to it (or since I park in the garage, we'll probably just put it on her when we get to where we're going). I'm glad that Elliott is all set for the crazy winter we're supposed to have! Now if only I could find a coat for me......nah, I'd much rather stick with my hooded sweatshirts and North Face jacket for now!


JonasAxel said...

you are too funny! i on the other hand love coats and wear them all the time. i also make jonas wear them even though he hates them.

i am ready for Christmas. One Tuesday we will need to go shopping for the matching pjs for the kiddos.

jill said...

i think its impossible to not think about christmas right after halloween because its everywhere around you! in stores, on the radio, EVERYWHERE!
that coat you picked out for miss
ellie is ADORABLE! she is so darn pretty!