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Friday, November 12, 2010

Favorite Toy Ever!!

Am I the only one that notices that babies are always attracted to the "toys" that aren't really toys?!
In an effort to constantly keep Elliott entertained and to keep the use of the word "no" to a minimum in our house, I often find the strangest items to let Elliott play with.
Usually a plain empy box or a piece of tupperware with a lid will do just fine. These types of things seem to keep her entertained so much better than those toys I spend so much money on!
Well, one of these unconventional toys in particular has become a favorite of Ellie's......

Yes, that's a toothbrush. My toothbrush, in fact. I'm not sure if she likes it because of it's obvious toothbrush-like qualities, or if it's because this toothbrush has a special vibrating feature? I'm sure it feels great on those teething gums, but even when the toothbrush is not turned on, she will still play with it for what seems like forever!

I've actually begun taking it places with us, tucked away in my purse or diaper bag, so that if she happens to become fussy I can pull it out and I know that she'll keep calm :) I just wonder what others think when they see me walking through Target, carrying my baby on my hip, and she's chewing on an old toothbrush?! Really, I figure it could be a lot worse. (I totally had to catch her the other day before she pulled a tampon out of my purse. I just knew that plasticy wrapper was headed straight for her mouth!) At least by the time she gets some teeth (any day now, I think) she will be perfectly comfortable with using a toothbrush :)



Mandy said...

Hey! I found you! Bennett LOVES toothbrushes! He has a green one. :-)

uwmomma said...

Haha! I'm glad Ellie is not the only one! It was sooo nice meeting you today! I had fun watching the babies play, and Bennett is such a cutie!