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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mommy's Mullet Solution

I've pretty much always obsessed over Elliott's hair. Maybe it's because I've always been a "short hair person"? Maybe it's because I always imagined raising a whole flock of little girls with long, flowing hair? Maybe it's because Elliott's Asain-ness has always been a topic of conversation, and we often check her hair to see if it's more like Scott's or mine? Or maybe it's just because babies look more like girls if they have more hair? I want my baby to look like a girl, afterall!!

Since the day she was born, I've never hesitated to put a headband on the girl. It's not like she was a bald baby, but until recently, she didn't have enough hair to hold anything on her head except the headband. Well, about a month or so ago I realized that she finally had enough hair to use a "clippy"! Man, was I excited!

So imagine my excitement this morning when I managed to do this:

Pigtails!! She has enough hair for pigtails!!! Er, sort of!

Really, this was just my solution for what I think is the beginning of a baby mullet. Elliott's hair is definitely growing, however it's growing in a little funny. She has a lot on top (most days it reminds me of Donald Trump), and thinner on the sides and back. But the back is, well, getting long! It hangs over the collars of her shirts, and I can often see it behind her ears. Awesome news when I think about my little girl having those long, flowy locks.....but it's making for quite the "awkward stage" at the moment.

No matter what her hair may be up to, I love this little girl more than life itself! Some day she will have long, shiny black hair (or flat mousy brown hair if she misses out on those good Asian genes afterall) and I'll look back at this picture and remember the days that I would brush my hand over her head and pray for her hair to grow :)


1 comment:

JonasAxel said...

sooo cute!!! i love it. makes me want to go and buy cute little rubber bands...