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Saturday, November 6, 2010

I just might have to move to Vancouver!

And here is why! A Cotton Babies store just popped up in good old Vancouver, WA!! I'm ecstatic! Too bad it's a 2 and a half hour drive from here! Oh well, there are other reasons to visit Joe's Crab Shack! My anti-seafood husband happens to love Joe's (we ate dinner there at least twice on our honeymoom), and we've talked about taking an overnight trip to Vancouver just so we could eat there :)

I've kind of lost my passion for cloth diapering lately, but I'm sticking with it. Not really for any other reason right now other than it saves us money. I may splurge from time to time on a cute new diaper, but the reality is that we own them, they're re-usable, and every time I put one on Elliott, that's one less disposable I would have to buy. I'm sure every mom goes through this kind of "funk" when the excitement and newness of cloth wears off. Or when your diapers start to stink. Or leak. Whatever. I know how to fix those problems, and we will continue on!

But for now, I think I may start planning a trip to Vancouver :) It would just be fun to look at all the exciting, new diapers, and maybe even pick up a couple new items to freshen up our stash! It's a good excuse for us to get away, anyways! However, I do wish the store was closer to where we live. They have a whole ton of classes you can take there, groups to join, etc. It would be so cool to find a place like that around here! Those residents of Vancouver are luckier than they know ;)


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