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Friday, November 5, 2010

I now have more hours in a day!

I have found the secret to adding more hours to my day! Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating slightly, but this secret that I've discovered does save me hours each week! That's good too, right?!

The secret is this: my dishwasher!! More importantly, it's what I put in my dishwasher: bottles!!

I know, I know! I should have been doing this a long time ago!! I just have some slight OCD tendencies that have prevented me from "letting go" of some things, bottle washing being one of them. You see, I would obsess over these bottles. I would rinse them and soak them after each use, and once the sink was full (about every other day), I would meticulously wash each and every bottle, nipple, and connector ring by hand using lots and lots of Dawn. Then, I would spend an even greater amount of time rinsing and re-rinsing each and every piece. This became exhausting! I know that every bottle-feeding momma has to wash bottles, but I would seriously obsess over it, not let hubby help with it, and just make it a longer, more tedious task than necessary. Sometimes, by the time I was finished washing bottles I would be sweating because the water was so hot and I had scrubbed so vigorously.

Then one day.....I just let it go! I decided that the dishwasher would clean the bottles (and nipples, and rings, and lids) just fine. I think it was just pure exhaustion that made me do it that first time. But boy am I glad I did!! I was able to see just how good of a job the dishwasher did cleaning the bottles, and it let me relax just a little bit! Granted, I still had the urge to re-rinse the nipples after they came out of the dishwasher "just in case there's still some soap on them", but Scott talked me out of it. I have saved myself two whole hours this week, I'm sure. And, I'm thinking the dishwasher probably uses less water to wash a whole load of dishes than I do just to handwash Ellie's bottles. I'm willing to admit my sometimes OCD-like tendencies and my type-A personality, but sometimes it just feels so good to let some of it go!


1 comment:

melissa d. said...

what is funny is that i went backwards with these types of things-with zoe i was so caution to wind and even put empty bottles in the fridge so that i didn't have to wash them and then just reused once or twice in a row(i know...gasp!)
and now with stella i am like how you were. it's weird.