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Thursday, November 4, 2010

I want....

For Elliott, of course! I'm beginning to look at Christmas-y stuff, and I saw these in a store. I just about died! Have you seen anything cuter?!?! Well, I searched the racks for a size 12 months (my best guess at what size jammies she'll be wearing in a month) and they had none. So I went online because I just had to have them!! (rarely do I buy stuff online, so you know I really, really, really wanted these pajamas if I went to this effort to find them)

Anyways, I was so disappointed to see that the biggest size they even make is 9 months :(
SAD! Sad because I can't buy these ridiculously cute pajamas and force Elliott to pose for even cuter ridiculous pictures, and extremely sad that my baby no longer wears "baby" sizes!!

Ah well! If you happen to find something similar to these, in a size 12 months....please let me know! :)



melissa d. said...

you should see if you can just find some basic butt flap jammies and we could totally put 'naughty' on them!

uwmomma said...

Great idea! I'm just having a hard time finding butt flap pajamas period! Well, apparently there are lots out there on the Internet for adults, go figure! ;)