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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Photo Challenges, Take One!

I still consider myself to be relatively new to this whole blogging thing. Aside from writing consistently, I've been reading lots of blogs, written by lots of different people. I want my blog to stay something very personal to me. I want my friends and family to read it to stay "in the know" when it comes to Elliott, Scott, and myself. My blog is also a place for me to write, because I feel that writing is a creative outlet for me.

However, there's a whole ton of fun things taking place out there in the blogging world, and I've decided that it would be fun to link up with some of those people and their ideas. One of these things is photo challenges. I've already found a large handful of blog writers who host weekly photo challenges on their blogs. I already loooove taking pictures (espcially of Ellie), my dad blessed us with a very nice camera as a wedding gift that I certainly need to learn more about, and I've been thinking about trying out photo editing for a while now. So it makes sense that I should give some of these challenges a shot! It's just for fun. I'll have an excuse to practice editing and try out different effects, and it's also an excuse to post more fabulous pictures of Elliott!!

Here is my first couple of attempts at photo challenges:
(Submitted to a sorta fairytale photo challenge: Windows to the Soul)

(Submitted to the papermama photo challenge: Food)

The Paper Mama

So there they are!! I'm happy with how they turned out, seeing as they were both "accidents" and I used (free) editing software for the first time. Ever. If I still like it after a few more weeks, I may have to think about investing in some editing software. But that's another day :)



melissa d. said...

glad to see you playing along! so cute as always!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

That first shot is way too cute! Also food shot and babies just never gets old!

JustCorey said...