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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What's On Your Christmas Tree?

What a fun idea! Melissa, over at hibaby, posted pictures yesterday of her favorite ornaments....and then challenged everyone else to do the same! Go check out her cute, funky ornaments, and then link up and share your own pictures too! We just put up our tree this weekend, so I couldn't resist!

1. A pretty ornament given to Scott and I on our first Christmas. I love that it looks like newsprint on the snowflake.
2. Handmade by Scott, probably in kindergarten or first grade. This one makes me laugh every time I see it! We have about 10 ornaments that he made when he was a kid :)
3. This was purchased by Scott's family in 2004, and sent to him while he was on his first deployment (I think....) It's cute because all of the names of his nieces and nephews (at the time) are written on the back.
4. I have a whole set of these words (believe, cheer, love, hope) and I looooove them! They're so dainty and unique :)

5. Elliott's new "Baby's 1st Christmas" ornament
6. Not an ornament, but my all time favorite Christmas advent calendar! With adorable little doors that open :)
7. Our stockings.....more on those tomorrow
8. And, the finished product. I'm glad we have vaulted ceilings....I'm pretty sure this tree is 7 feet tall!

After seeing Melissa's ornaments, and taking pictures of my own, I'm realizing we really don't have that many. I like her tradition of letting each person pick out a new ornament every year....I may just have to steal that ;)



JonasAxel said...

so cute. our tree is sitting here naked because we haven't had time to put the lights on yet. :( oh well soon enough. i am super happy in our house that we can continue eric's tradition of having a little tree in the play room...i'll do a post as soon as we get the trees decorated.

uwmomma said...

I would love to see it once you're done :) AND, you were probably too busy coloring this weekend to decorate. Understandable ;)

Jessica said...

Love your ornaments! This was a fun challenge wasn't it!?