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Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Week in iPhone Pics!

You know why I love this posty link-up even more now?! Because my stinky iPhone won't let me upload mobile photos to Facebook anymore :( For weeks now I've been deprived of showing off my little cutie to the Facebook world via cell phone pictures. I know everyone misses seeing all my photo overload uploads, so at least they can get their fix here :)

Monday: Ellie was still quite sick. Although she hated getting her temperature taken (under her arm, it's not like I was putting it you-know-where), she loved playing with the thermometer.
Tuesday: Ah-stinkin-dorable in her little piggy tails and riding her quad
Wednesday: Lazy dinner at KFC. Ellie is actually learning to smile and laugh at things....go figure!
Thursday: Baby loves chili!!
Thursday: I thought I'd take a picture of something other than the's my scruffy puppy dog Rosco
Friday: Multi-tasking. Riding her quad and playing with her favorite "real" remote. AND....I leave the room for one second and this is what I find! Mischief! I guess she can reach on top of the end tables now, hmmmm. She didn't even spill anything taking it down!
Saturday: Off to swimmin' lessons with the most adorable bee backpack ever, thanks to Melissa!

Hope you all had a great week and are enjoying your weekend! If you want to share your cell phone pics from this week, head over to A Good Life and join in the fun!



Shannon said...

You had a busy week! I'm glad she's feeling better. I'm a teacher, and it seems like everyone is either sick, getting sick, or getting over being sick. Ugh!

TryItMom said...

Those pigtails are the cutest! How does she like swim lessons? I've been debating getting JD and O in a class.

M's Mama said...

those pigtails and that back pack is the cutest! :)