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Monday, February 7, 2011

She's Allergic

Elliott is allergic to Amoxicillan.
The poor girl woke up looking like this Sunday morning, and it was off to the Walk-in Clinic for us!  

It was a short visit.....the doctor took one look at her chart, and one quick little look at a few of the bumps. He was certain that it's a reaction from the Amoxicillan she's been on to fight her little cough/virus thing we've been battling for a couple weeks. She's pretty much over the cold, and I had this doctor listen to her lungs to give us a little more piece of mind that the wheezing is, in fact, gone and he did just that. She sounds perfect, and the doctor assured us that this rash should be gone in a few days. The rash got worse throughout Super Bowl Sunday, but it wasn't anything that Elliott couldn't handle.

I, on the other hand, am feeling a little run down. While she's being such a trooper with all this, I can't help but feel disappointed. I feel like it's just one thing after another! I just want her to be happy and healthy....we've got the happy part down, and I sure hope we can get back to the healthy part soon!

Thanks for listening to me vent! Seeing my daughter's smiling face every morning sure gets me through it. That's what it's all about, right?!



melissa d. said...

a girl after my own heart. boo, i am too!

Ashley said...

My son, Kaleb, is allergic to Penicillin. We found out the same way, he broke out all over. He was right about the same age as Ellie.

Amanda said...

Bless her heart! Hope her rash goes away quickly.