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Monday, August 22, 2011

19 Months

Right now, my 19 month old is napping.
That sounds soooo weird!
And you know what else is strange?! Elliott is looking (and acting) so grown up lately!
I'm having a hard time wrapping my head (and heart) around that fact that she's NOT a baby!
There's really not anything baby-ish left about this little girl!
Elliott is just what we'd thought she would be as a toddler: independent, confident, stubborn, smart
A few things we didn't expect to see in her: shy when meeting new people, silly, laughing a ton, a true daddy's girl
 Elliott is at her finest when she is let loose to play outside. Seriously, let the girl run, and she'd be content for days! Whether it's playing with the hose, or chasing around a tennis ball, we try to get outside at least once every day.
I'm currently trying to get Ellie down to one nap a day, but she is just so very tired by 11:00. Many times she will take her morning nap, but then our day gets busy and she doesn't get an afternoon nap and, well, that just makes for a rough afternoon! Soon, I'm sure, we will be able to push her morning nap back and have one decent nap after lunch.
 Ellie's hair is growing like crazy lately! The thought of having a tiny tot with long flowing locks makes this short-hair momma's heart go pitter-patter. Today we bought our first bottle of "kid" shampoo. J&J baby wash just isn't cutting it anymore! It's almost time for a detangler, too, but we'll hold off on that for a little while longer. Seriously, this girl is going to need more hair products than me pretty soon!
Besides the nap schedule, we are constantly trying to get Ellie to eat and try new foods. Some days are awesome, other days are rough and I try to let it go.
Potty training has kind of sucked lately. We were off to a good start, but let me tell you, life, work, chores........things just get in the way!! We will be back on the potty-train very soon, and I'll be sure to update here when we are!
Elliott Erin, you make my world go 'round! I cherish each moment we have together. You make me so happy! I hate to leave you to go to work or for any other reason......I hate to miss anything you might learn or discover! Being your mommy is the best thing to ever happen to me! Happy 19 Months!!

And in case you're wondering.....2nd Birthday Party planning has officially commenced! Eeee!


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Barbara said...

Happy 19 months Elliott! Can you believe how fast these kids have grown?!